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What is a pension?

Pensions may seem complicated, but they are simply a long term savings account that helps you save for your retirement. Pension plans allow you to make regular payments and transfer one off lump sums into this account. The money in this account is invested and grows tax free.

Why is it important to take out a pension?

The State Pension (Contributory) in Ireland is currently €253.30 per week; less than the minimum wage. Most people would find it difficult to maintain their standard of living if they have to rely on the ‘old age’ pension alone. Starting a pension will allow you to supplement the State Pension and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

Now is the time to start

Whatever age you are, you should get serious about your pension.  The longer you leave it, the more you will need to save each month to provide for a comfortable retirement.  Putting it off for even a few years can have a hugely negative effect on the size of your pension savings at retirement – reducing the size of your tax free lump sum and your monthly pension income…. So make it easier on yourself and get it started now.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin.

Starting a pension or PRSA (a personal retirement savings account) might seem complicated but we’re here to make the process simple. There’s only a few steps and we’re here to help you get your pension started without the hassle. You’ll have your pension started in no time.

Why Choose us?

  • We’ll talk to you in Plain English and make it as straight forward as possible.
  • We were shortlisted at the Broker of the Year Awards two years running.
  • With thousands of investment options, hundreds of funds and lots of Irish & International fund mangers, we’ll identify the best match for you.
  • Top Industry Experts – our team of Retirement Planning Specialists will help you plan for your retirement in the most tax efficient way.

How do I get started?

  1. Have a chat with an Irish Pensions advisor – call (01)8570655, fill in the form below to arrange a call, or start a conversation using our Online Chat (click the icon on the bottom right of the screen).
  2. The advisor will ask you some simple questions to identify what you need and how your money should be invested.
  3. They will compare pension providers and fund managers to find the most suitable pension for you.

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Why you need to start a pension:

  • The state pension age will be 68 for anyone born after 1961 so you’ll have to wait an extra 3 years before you can claim the state pension.
  • The State Pension is €253.30 per week from 2022. That’s less than the minimum wage. How comfortable would your retirement be if you had to rely on the State Pension?
  • The government gives huge tax benefits for pension savings, meaning that for every €60 you save, the Government will contribute €40 (if you are a higher rate tax payer).

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