Should I make a Last Minute AVC

Should I make a Last Minute contribution to my pension?

The answer in most cases is yes.

If you are very close to retirement it may be your last chance to place some money in your personal or occupational pension scheme while you are still employed.

By doing this you can still avail of any tax relief on the contribution(s) made between 20% & 40%.

How can you do you this?

If you are a member of an Occupational Pension Scheme you can set up an AVC PRSA and pay a monthly or yearly contribution into this. AVC stands for Additional Voluntary Contribution.

If you are not a member of an Occupational Pension Scheme, we can set up a new pension plan for you to facilitate this option. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out on your chance to add to your pension fund and ultimately to your Tax Free Cash, speak to one our Pension Experts today so we can help you with this.

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